How Brands Nailed Their Friendship Day Posts This Year In 2018!

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year. And brands take full advantage of this day by promoting their brands and services along with Friendship Day posts. This year too, all the big brands and some small brands too nailed their Friendship Day posts by posting some great videos and images. We have shortlisted a few of them which we liked a lot. Take a look at all of their posts and show share with your friends. Share in the comment section if you like some other posts. Do share this with your friends and follow all the brands on their social media pages.

1. Coca-Cola

Coca-cola did what they do best. The only thing you love sharing with your friends is nothing but Coca-cola. Share a coke with your friends today! Do make sure to check out their Facebook page for the whole video.


2. Cadbury

Cadbury, the most loved brand in the country, asked everyone to thank their friends by sharing a Cadbury and why not, who doesn’t love a Cadbury! Follow them on Facebook for more such content.


3. Durex

Durex, a brand that always blow our minds with their modern thinking and unique thoughts. Their post on Friendship day clearly nails the way relationships work. Do check out their Facebook page for more such posts.


4. ICICI Prudential Insurance

ICICI came out with a very sweet and true friendship relationships among friends and clearly made a connection with their brand of life insurance. Check out their Facebook page for the entire video.


5. Parle

Parle stood out for us with their Friendship post. They disagreed with Bollywood by saying Boys and Girls can be friends too. Well, it’s 2018 and we cannot agree more! Don’t forget to follow them on Social media to check out their posts.


6. Pepsi

Well, if Coca-Cola has their #ShareACoke then, even Pepsi their #DostiHoTohAisi and they have their “Tikki” too with it. You decide, who was the winner here? Pepsi Or Coca-Cola?
Check out their Facebook page


7. US Embassy

A creative post representing friendly bonds of US-India. Political but nice one. Check here for their twitter post.


8. Jet Airways

Jet Airways, being the oldest private sector airline service provider in India always gave a trip down to the memory lane by showing our past and the prensent lifestyles. It was a great way of promoting their brand and was a real hit for us! Do check out their Facebook Page for the whole video.


9. Jio

The telecom giant hit a bull’s eye too with their Friendship day post by promoting their Unlimited Calling feature by sharing the gossips that friends do whole day long. Jio never lets us down and with this post, they have clearly made us realize how much we talk. LOL. Check out their Facebook Page for this amazing video.


10. Uber

Uber has taken their #MoveForward campaign with their Friendship Day posts and Uber too had some very intriguing story to share. We just have a couple of their posts, for the entire thread, do check out their Facebook page. We loved their posts. We’re sure, you’ll love them too!


11. Paytm

Paytm used their hashtag #TypesOfFriends and who are we kidding, we have all sorts of friends just like they mentioned in our lives. Paytm did a really great job by using those emotions to promote their brand. See all the posts on their Facebook page.


12. CEAT Tyre

CEAT Tyres have created a post for friendship which relates to your best friend who is still with you since your childhood. Your bestie is always there for you, whenever you are in difficult situations and always takes your side and fights for you. Checkout their Twitter Page.

13. Evolve Snacks

Evolve is an online snack store which provides you healthy meal options. Evolve offers you to gift your best friend healthy meal on Friendship day by showing 4 stages of offering food to your friends. It was literally hitting the bull’s eye as to how we as friends behave with one another. To know more about

14. IndiaMart

As soon as I have seen this ad, it reminds me about my childhood friend and I suppose there are many who have recollected memories from the past and there must be someone who has helped you. This ad-post is devoted to those buddies. Quite Impressive! Check full post on their Twitter Account

15. Renault India

From this post, Renault has hit us hard so as to how much our best friends mean to us. Just like Sheldon and Leonard, Sanjay Dutt and Kamlesh. Renault’s motto is very clear about their services. No matter what happens, wherever you are, Renault is always giving best customer experiences and comfort to their owners. To view post visit their Twitter Account

16. Gympik

Gympik is fitness solution for the people who looking for health and fitness. We like this post because, this post clearly shows that in every friend’s group, there is always one friend who is very serious about fitness and health. He always talks about fitness and motivates others to do exercise. To know more about fitness solution visit their Instagram Account

17. GoldMedal India

This brand has present something out of the box and tried to relate a message with the appliances that they are selling. You should check out their creative efforts on Twitter Account.

18. Lays

We all love eating different flavours of lays. But the message given by this brand was awesome. “NO NETWORK” . Have you imagined what will happen if there is no network in your phone. Check the complete video here to know what will happen :

19. McDowells

We are surround with many type of friends like Chuddy Buddies, School Friends, College Friends,Office Friends but only few are our no.1 yaars. So this brand has motivated you to thank thank them. Check Link for full video :

20. Platinum Days Of Love

When it comes to your spouse, things become wonderful when you imagine yourself to be the best friend of your partner. So this is what this brand has tried to present. Check Link for complete video

21. Burger King

There is hardly anyone whose taste buds have not liked their burgers. But this friendship day they have come up with a message which has impressed youth. Liked the creative thought. Check post on their Twitter Account

22. ChocoRobbers

There are lot of brands asking you to share your friendship stories, but this time they are asking you to share your Unfriend stories and people are liking it including us. Check their Twitter Account for full post

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