Brands Wished Christmas To Their Followers In A Unique Way - Digimanic

Brands Wished Christmas To Their Followers In A Unique Way

Merry-Christmas - Digimanic
Merry-Christmas - Digimanic

Christmas is celebrated every year on 25th December , it marks the birth anniversary  Jesus Christ. Christmas brings in a unique holiday vibe with it, it entails spreading of joy and positive thoughts. Brands and companies every year come up with innovative and creative ideas to make their presence felt on various social media platforms during Christmas. Promoting and marketing their products and services whilst spreading the joy of Christmas is something every sound brand can leverage upon. Here is a compiled list of Christmas day posts by various brands that were highly engaging.

1. Coca-Cola

As every year, Coca-Cola is all about spreading happiness and joy this year. Christmas as every year is incomplete without sitting down with family and enjoying a glass full of chilled coco cola to refresh the mood and have a complete holiday experience. The post signifies that coca cola is on a journey to spread happiness and positivity this Christmas. Check out their Facebook page to know more the happiness being spread.

Coca-cola-Christmas - Digimanic

2. Pepsi

Pepsi never manages to slip out of mind when thinking about enjoying a holiday with a refreshing beverage. Being aware of its importance in completing people’s holiday celebration, Pepsi took to Twitter this year and reminded everyone the importance of spreading joy and positive thoughts during Christmas. Do check out their twitter handle to find out more.

Pepsi-Christmas-Day - Digimanic

3. Durex

Durex has a penchant for creating and posting super engaging and creative content every year. And this year’s Christmas is no exception. Vivid graphical representation along with a symbolic picture that conveys a strong Christmas message is the key theme behind this year’s Christmas post by Durex. Feel free to check out their Facebook page to find more such engaging content.

Durex-christmas - Digimanic

4. Pizza Hut

This Christmas, Pizza Hut has created a post with keeping in mind that having delicious pizza with loved ones is an icing on cake. Emphasizing that a pizza can make everyone’s Christmas a joyful one. Check out Pizza Hut’s Facebook Page to find out more.

Pizza-hut-Christmas - Digimanic
Pizza-Hut-Chrsitmas - Digimanic

5. HDFC Bank

Knowing the importance of planning a vacation or a trip with friends and family on Christmas, HDFC Bank never falls short of providing financial aid to its customers in times like these. Being with their loved ones and spreading joy and laughter is what HDFC bank’s Christmas post was all about.  Make sure to check out HDFC Bank’s Facebook page to know more and show them support and love!

HDFC-Christmas-Day - Digimanic

6. Netflix

The phrase “Netflix and Chill” is a testament to Netflix’s contribution to how people relax and enjoy during holidays and vacations by binge-watching their favorite shows. Netflix’s Facebook Christmas post this year showcased its best shows in the form of a four-course meal, representing how people can enjoy the best Netflix shows as much as enjoying a four-course meal on Christmas. Their Facebook page is worth visiting to find more such amusing and engaging posts.

Netflix-Christmas - Digimanic

7. Swiggy

Being the leading online food delivery company in the Country, Swiggy didn’t shy away from making its presence felt on social media this Christmas. It’s Facebook post showed a cake in the form of a pie chart, representing how a majority of Christmas is spent thinking about Christmas food and food in general, conveying the message that eating delicious food makes up for a big chunk of how Christmas is celebrated by everyone. Check out their Facebook page to know more.

Swiggy-Christmas-Day - Digimanic

8. Uber

Uber has got to be one the best creators of social media posts that are super engaging and innovative. For this Christmas, Uber has posted a video on its Facebook showing Santa Claus wanting to distribute gifts to every home by booking an Uber. A quite impressive and graphically engaging video, Uber-like every year never fails to grab the attention of people on social media. Do check out their Facebook Page to know more.


Uber-Christmas-Day - Digimanic
uber - Digimanic
Uber - Digimanic

9. Kit-Kat

Kit-Kat perhaps is the most loved and widely consumed chocolate in the world. The click you hear when breaking the Kit Kat bars is the most recognizable sound. Kit Kat’s Christmas post shows how having a break from life and eating a Kit Kat is important for truly enjoying the holiday season like Christmas. The crack in the wrapper representing a Christmas tree is the work of an innovative mind. Head towards their Facebook page to find out more.

KitKat-Christmas-Day - Digimanic

10. Burger King

Burger king’s Christmas post is quite an amusing one , involving the famous Santa Claus catch phrase  “Ho ho ho” along with Burger King’s most popular burger the” whopper”.  It conveys the message of a subtle collaboration between a joyful holiday and a delicious burger. Their Facebook page is worth visiting.

Burger-King - Digimanic

11. Lay's

 Perhaps Lay’s is the most popular brand of potato chips consumed worldwide and a Christmas evening with a pack of Lay’s chips is all you need to get in the holiday mood. Its Christmas post on Facebook is reminiscent of the same experience. Visit Lay’s Facebook page to know more about its engaging and innovative posts

Lays-Christmas - Digimanic

12. Airtel

A phone call to your loved ones on Christmas is all you need to reconnect and relive old memories. Airtel with its Christmas post reminds all of us about how important it is to connect with our friends and families in the holiday season even if we live miles away from each other. Check out their Facebook page to find out more inspiring posts like this.

Airtel-Christmas-day - Digimanic

13. Ola

Christmas post by Ola this year conveys a rather different message. The post at first glance seems to confuse viewers but slowly manages to clear the story surrounding it. It is a great move by Ola to keep its content engaging and keep its viewers intrigued with its social media activities. To find out more visit their Facebook page

Ola-Christmas - Digimanic

14. Gold's Gym

Gold’s Gym is the pioneer institution in setting up gyms and fitness centers all around the globe. Their mission to make people fit and healthy has existed since their inception. This Christmas Gold’s Gym has delivered the message of the importance of fitness through an interactive Facebook post. The post signifies and emphasizes the presence of Fitness in one’s life to truly enjoy Christmas and other festivals with your family and friends in a healthy way. Do visit their Facebook page to know more about such posts by Gold’s Gym.

Golds-Gym-Christmas - Digimanic

15. ICICI Bank

ICICI bank took to Facebook this year to shed some light on their noble efforts in the wake of Christmas. The post sheds light on its academy for skills and rural self-employment and how it has set out to provide vocational Training and other relevant skills to empower the villagers to be self-reliant. ICICI bank has taken serious steps to show how important it is to celebrate Christmas by giving back and sharing with the needy and the underprivileged. Check out ICICI Bank’s Facebook page to know more about their noble causes.

ICICI-Christmas - Digimanic

We hope you like our compilation of famous brands and companies who took to social media to wish their fans and followers Merry Christmas but along with the festival, they always manage to plug their product or service and this goes on to show the creative minds of their respective teams. DigiManic will be back with another set of such posts with our next festival blog!

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